hannya Hannya  (Hannya in Kanji)

The Hannya mask with its horns and sharp fangs is probably the best known of all Noh masks. The mask expresses the fury of a woman turned demon through jealousy and anger and who revenges by attacking.

deigan Deigan

Face of a woman persistently devoted to a loved one. Also said to be an expression of an enlightened middle-aged woman. The deigan mask is similar to other female masks, but has gold eyes and upper teeth.

hashi-hime Hashi-hime

Face of a jealous woman. The mask is based on the legendary woman in a Noh play called, Hashi-hime, who was driven by jealousy to drown herself. It features thicker eyebrows and reddish face.

ja Ja

Ja mask is similar to Hannya mask, but has more animal-like expressions. Unlike Hannya, Ja mask does not have ears and it features gill-shaped carvings on the chin and temples.

namanari Namanari

Like other ghost & spirit masks, gold dust is applied to the eyes and teeth, however it has a red tongue that Hannya does not have. Namanari is considered as a mask that is preliminary stage of becoming Hannya.